Venue details



The main hall measures 96 square metres. Three fire doors lead to the rear car park. Three double doors lead to the conservatory on the opposite side.

There is a large hatch in the committee room wall that opens onto the foyer, giving a serving area or bar with a sink and folding counter.

Maximum capacity of 150 people standing and 100 people seated. The committee room will seat 20 people.

Car parking for 18 cars and two disabled car parking spaces.

Kitchen has a double range cooker, double sink and separate hand washing sink, fridge, microwave and  two kettles. There are 30 mugs 20 glass tumblers and a hostess trolley. The hall has a Food Hygiene certificate. Cutlery and crockery is available (see picture above) but we do not have wine glasses.

Disabled access to main hall, and disabled loo. No wheelchair access to committee room. Limited access to kitchen facilities.

Chairs - 116 folding and 20 upholstered. Tables (folding) - 17 large and 12 small.

Piano in the main hall for general use

Staging, full and medium height, is available for hire

Hearing loop for the hard of hearing.


Ultra-fast broadband is available in all rooms and free to all hall users. The hotspot provides 100Mbps symmetrical internet connection There is no password. Simply adjust your setting on phones etc to access the hotspot "Northmoor Village Hall".The router is activated by a switch above the cooker in the kitchen.  Please switch it off when you leave the hall. Note the the router can take up to five minutes to start providing a wireless signal after it has been switched on.

The hall is licensed for public entertainment but not for the sale of alcohol. If you wish to sell alcohol at your event you will need to contact West Oxfordshire District Council to obtain a TEN (temporary event notice) permit. The fee is £21. You should allow at least two weeks for this process click here to apply

Users must leave the premises by: Monday - Friday, 1:00 am      Saturday, Midnight     Sunday, 10:00 pm


Outside lights
The front lights are on a sensor and will turn on when movement is detected. To put the lights on permanently press the switch by the main door. A switch to activate the rear car park lights is in the main hall by the door. Please turn off both sets of lights when leaving.

Hot water
Switches for hot water to the kitchen, committee room and toilets are located in the foyer to the left of the committee room.

Heating is controlled by a switch to the left of the disabled toilet. To activate the heating system, press the switch and hold for approximately 30 seconds. The heating is on a timer and lasts for two hours. If you need heating after this time, press again. You cannot turn the heating off.

Tables and chairs
Are kept in the store cupboard off the main hall.

Emergency Lighting
This provides 15 minutes of lighting after dark in the event of power failure. To activate this, press the green switch on the cabinet in the store cupboard. When active, the green switch will light up. To turn off press the green switch only.

First Aid
The first aid box is in the kitchen in plain sight. Please use the forms inside the box to report any accidents and use of contents. Please notify the bookings officer of any accidents.

Cleaning equipment is in the store cupboard off the main hall. Cleaning materials are under the kitchen sink. General household rubbish bins (use the green bins) and a recycling bin are outside the kitchen door. Bin liners are in the drawer next to the hand sink in the kitchen. Please use the vacuum cleaner to clean the wooden floor. Mops and brooms scratch the surface.

Leaving check list
Please leave the hall clean and ready for the next hirer. Wipe tables and chairs down before folding and replacing in the cupboard. Put all waste in the outside bins. Take down all decorations and fixings. Ensure the fridge is left empty but turned on. Clean floors and kitchen and toilets as needed.

Please ensure that all lights and the hot water switches are turned off. Check that fire doors are closed and the windows and exterior doors are all secure. Turn off outside lights. The front outside lights are on a sensor/ timer and will remain on for safe egress. Return the key to the bookings clerk.